Entertainment reviews with critical thinking for Christians​

Hosted by Eve Franklin and Tim Martin

Serenity (and Firefly), Part 2 – AYJW005

Our continuing discussion of Serenity and Firefly. Topics include River Tam, the "Companions," a world without sin (utopia), the Reavers, and more.

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Initial Reactions 1: Star Trek

We briefly share our initial thoughts on J.J.Abram's Star Trek. We both loved the movie, and caught a few things to discuss.

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Serenity Scorecard

Our short reviews and total scorecard for the movie Serenity.

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Serenity and Firefly, Part 1 – AYJW004

We discuss the science fiction movie Serenity with a little from the TV show Firefly. In this episode, the conversation focuses on atheism in science fiction, universal government, belief, the directionless characters, and unconditional love.

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Are You Just Watching?™ AUDIO PROMO

Our 30-second audio promo for Are You Just Watching?™—the one and only podcast that shares critical thinking for the entertained Christian.

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The Twilight Saga: Marriage, the Sanctity of Life, and Religion

There are a couple things that I really appreciate about the underlying worldview that Meyer's reveals in her storytelling. First off, through her character Edward, she demonstrates marriage as a lasting and true commitment.

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