42 and Red Tails, Iron Man 3—Upcoming Reviews

Last night I had the pleasure of previewing 42 before its release in theaters tomorrow. I encourage you to go see it and then stay tuned for my critical thinking review combining an in-depth exploration of the real life valor of African Americans in the movie Red Tails (2012) with a heart-felt analysis of a post-war story of guts in the face of adversity in this new portrayal of Jackie Robinson’s first year in Major League baseball.

I will also, Lord willing, be releasing a critical review of Iron Man 3 during the week of May 12-18 for a theme week in conjunction with other terrific Christian worldview podcasts. Stay tuned for more details.

And if any of you are waiting with bated breath for my review of Hunger Games, it’s still in the queue.

Did you see that?

I’m still needing submissions for my new segment “Did you see that?” Prove to me that you aren’t just watching, but thinking critically about the things you entertain yourself with.

Just write or record 90 seconds worth of a critical insight you caught while watching a TV show, commercial, movie trailer, or reading a book or public news item. Submit your reviews via phone (903) 231-2221 or by emailing (put “Did you see that?” in the subject line), or by clicking on the handy “Send a voice mail message” at the right of this blog post.

I want to know you are out there and not just watching!

Upcoming Reviews: The Hunger Games, 2012, and Knowing

I just finished watching some of the bonus features on the 2-disc set of The Hunger Games and am thinking that this might be a good movie (and book) to review in the future. There are a lot of social, political, and religious themes to discuss in just the first book of the popular series that has also been made into a fairly successful movie. However, before I begin organizing my thoughts for a podcast on the movie, I’d love to get the input and feedback from our AYJW subscribers.  Have you seen the Hunger Games movie or read the book series by Suzanne Collins? Have you strong feelings in regard to the story and/or themes that you would like to share with others?

Also upcoming, I will be reviewing the apocalyptic movies 2012 and Knowing, which I’m hoping to get to before the end of the year (or is that the end of the world?). If you have any thoughts on either of those movies, I’d appreciate receiving them as well for possible use in my reviews.

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Eve Franklin is an avid reader and movie lover. When not reading or watching movies, she works as a graphic designer for a non-profit Christian ministry. Eve sees Are You Just Watching? as a terrific vehicle for helping Christians interact with the world in a way that honors God and promotes the gospel.


Batman: The Dark Knight Rises upcoming review

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series has raised many philosophical questions. We’ll be in the theater to screen The Dark Knight Rises and share our Christian review with critical thinking.

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Oops! We Released Our Tangled Review Too Early!

UPDATE: We’re publishing the full review on Tuesday, November 23, over here.

My deepest apologies if you came here looking for our Christian critical thinking discussion on Tangled. Unfortunately, I (Daniel) had confused the release date and published my thoughts on Tangled more than a week too early.

Please come back late Tuesday night, November 23, to read and hear my thoughts on Tangled. But without revealing anything about the movie, I do encourage you to go see it!

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In an effort to optimize several things on the Network website, I am changing several things and links may momentarily not work. Please be patient; it won’t be long.

The Blind Side: Born Again and Adoption

Is it about football, Christian charity, booster loyalty, or just plain greed? Is this story a Christian parable, an insult to Christianity, or worse, a tragedy of how a black man was exploited by wealthy white Republicans? Eve Franklin explores prominent spiritual themes in the book The Blind Side (made into a The Blind Side by the same title).

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Secretariat (2010, movie review)

Reciting from the book of Job, playing “Oh Happy Day,” and employing double meanings to the word “race,” Secretariat attempts to be much more than a predictable movie about a housewife with guts and a very special racehorse. In some ways it even succeeds. Eve Franklin previewed Secretariat and shares her critical thinking.

Read the family-friendliness rating and review of Secretariat from Focus on the Family’s PluggedIn.

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Call for Critical-Thinking Comments: I, Robot

We’re jumping back into science-fiction this time! Our next full podcast episode will share critical thinking from the movie I, Robot. Watch the movie and share with us your thoughts! Leave a message on our listener voicemail line (903) 231-2221, email (audio files are welcome), or comment here in the shownotes.

This will be our last set of full episodes before Daniel gets married. We’ll probably release some old, unheard content during Daniel’s absence.

The Twilight Saga: Spiritual Truths, Part 2

Perhaps the easiest spiritual analogy to draw from the The Twilight Saga is the concept of eternal love. Throughout the four-book story from Bella’s almost continuous perspective, Bella shows how completely unworthy she feels of Edward’s love.

Live-Show Schedule (June 2010)

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Are You Just Watching?™ has yet to go on a live schedule, but we usually record our episodes on a Thursday night or Saturday morning. Watch Daniel’s Twitter account for announcements of all live shows.