Entertainment reviews with critical thinking for Christians​

Hosted by Eve Franklin and Tim Martin

Scorecard for Batman: The Dark Knight

Our short review and scorecard for The Dark Knight.

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Batman: The Dark Knight, Part 2 – AYJW003

We continue our discussion on Batman: The Dark Knight. This time, the conversation focuses on how easy "good" men can fall, the Joker's personification of Satan, Batman's false messianic personification, and relative morality.

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Batman: The Dark Knight, Part 1 – AYJW002

We briefly review the process of critical thinking and then discuss Batman: The Dark Knight, with focus in this episode on vigilante justice and the condition of man.

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Calling for Comments: The Dark Knight

Episode 2—and most likely 3 (since we’ll probably have to make a two-part episode)—will begin the critical thinking process on the second of the latest Batman movies, The Dark Knight. Eve and I plan to watch the movie Thursday night and record the podcast this weekend. We’d love to get some early thoughts that we...

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We’ve Finally Launched!

After a lot of technical issues, and a bunch of those life things that tend to take higher priority over launching new podcasts, Eve and I are so happy that we finally have our new site and podcast online! Please show us some love by subscribing and commenting on the episodes. Make sure you also...

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What Is Critical Christian Thinking? – AYJW001

Meet Daniel Lewis and Eve Franklin and learn a little about them and their reasons for this new podcast. Primary conversation focuses on foundational steps for critical thinking.

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