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Since March of 2009, Are You Just Watching? has been reviewing secular entertainment from a Christian worldview. Unfortunately, AYJW has a very small niche in the podcasting realm, and we NEED your support to keep putting out our episodes. So this is your chance to show us how much you want us to keep reviewing movies and other entertainment from a Christian worldview.

1 comment on “Promote & Support

  1. Daniel, I am sending you this comment from the past 🙂 Actually I listen to your show while driving back and forth to work and it really helps relieve the stress I am on episode 9 thus the past. Anyway I had a thought that my benefit you and your listeners.
    What if you had podcaster wannabes like myself send in promos for your shows? You could give us the details of what you'd like to hear and after receiving them you could critique them and maybe even use them on different episodes. The critiques would help us and free publicity is well…free right?

    Keep up the amazing work
    David Trevino

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