Short but simple, go see Courageous! This newest movie from Sherwood Pictures (makers of Fireproof) will challenge fathers and still entertain many.

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Spoiler-free review

Courage movie posterCourageous comes from the church that produced Fireproof. You won’t find anything to counter your faith in this movie!

Although the acting can be a little cheap in places, Courageous is very well done and Sherwood Pictures gets better with each film.

Courageous will make you cry: from touching moments as well as moments of hilarious comedy.

Please go see Courageous, especially on opening weekend!

The rest of these podcast shownotes and the audio episode contain spoilers.

Fathers, be fathers!

Courageous has a blatant agenda: to challenge fathers to be the fathers God wants them to be. This is the good kind of agenda!

We meet a father who is disconnected with his kids, a father who fails, and a father who failed and tries to make it right.

“God wants me to bring out the man in my son.”

God doesn’t explain tragedy

After the main character, Adam, loses his daughter, he asks what God expects of him. The pastor’s great response is, “God doesn’t promise an explanation, only to walk with us.”

We see the same thing in the life of Job. God was always there, even though Job never received an explanation for the bad that happened to him.

Not much else to say

Courageous was wonderful. Go see it!

Also, please let us know what questions you would like us to ask Michael Catt, senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church and executive producer at Sherwood Pictures.

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