The Adjustment Bureau (2011) – AYJW095

Are we in control of our destinies? Does love really conquer all? The Adjustment Bureau’s cross genre high concept science fiction chick flick somehow manages to answer both questions . . . maybe.

Courageous (2011) – AYJW027

Short but simple, go see Courageous! This newest movie from Sherwood Pictures (makers of Fireproof) will challenge fathers and still entertain many.

Contagion (2011) – AYJW024

Contagion is not the first or last virus movie. But it does raise questions of morality, evolution, and—what else?—the end of humanity.

The Smurfs – AYJW020

“Don’t be fooled by their cuteness!” The Smurfs is a fun family movie with positive values. We review The Smurfs movie with some critical thinking for Christians.

Initial Reactions 11: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Our roving cohost, Chris Jones, joins Eve Franklin in the studio, without Daniel Lewis, to discuss the highly anticipated (at least by a high percentage of the female population) sequel to Twilight and New Moon: Eclipse.

Initial Reactions 10: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 continues Pixar’s fantastic story-telling after Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Friendship, trust, working together, and unresolved bitterness are strong themes. But the animated short “Night & Day” raises more discussion.

Ice Age, Part 2 – AYJW015

We’re back to finish our discussion on the entertaining, computer-animated film, Ice Age. If you missed the first part of our discussion, please go back and listen to it. Also go back and listen to our first episode to get an overview of critical thinking.

The Sixth Sense, Part 1 – AYJW012

M.Night Shyamalan’s classic thriller, The Sixth Sense. Our discussion topics in part 1 include family, marriage, work, some of the characters, and the church’s involvement.

Initial Reactions 3: Surrogates

Safe from our homes on a cold rainy night, we discuss our initial
reactions after seeing Surrogates in the theater. Surprisingly, this movie gave us plenty to discuss with Christian critical thinking.

The Twilight Saga: Marriage, the Sanctity of Life, and Religion

There are a couple things that I really appreciate about the underlying worldview that Meyer’s reveals in her storytelling. First off, through her character Edward, she demonstrates marriage as a lasting and true commitment.