Incredibles 2, part 1 – AYJW087

The portrayal of a relatively functional family dealing with difficult social problems In Incredibles 2 provides a good framework on which to discuss parental and gender roles from a Christian worldview.

Spider Man: Homecoming – AYJW072

Spider-Man: Homecoming is MCU’s version of the classic teen coming-of-age movie, and Eve and Tim explore its themes on growing up and parenting.

13 Reasons Why – AYJW069

Eve explores from a biblical worldview what the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why says about teen culture and parenting today .

Beauty and The Beast (2017) – AYJW068

The new Beauty and the Beast movie has some serious Christian worldview implications for Tim and Eve to discuss.

After Earth (2013) – AYJW045

After Earth invites discussion on parenting, fear, and environmentalism from a Christian worldview.

Courageous (2011) – AYJW027

Short but simple, go see Courageous! This newest movie from Sherwood Pictures (makers of Fireproof) will challenge fathers and still entertain many.

The Help (2011) – AYJW022

The Help was a beautiful movie that will make you angry, laugh, and maybe even cry. But listen to our podcast review to get The Help to think critically.