Entertainment reviews with critical thinking for Christians​

Hosted by Eve Franklin and Tim Martin

Hidden Figures (Part 1) – AYJW070

Tim and Eve discuss the historical context and the personal and national triumphs portrayed in Hidden Figures. First of two episodes.

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13 Reasons Why – AYJW069

Eve explores from a biblical worldview what the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why says about teen culture and parenting today .

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Beauty and The Beast (2017) – AYJW068

The new Beauty and the Beast movie has some serious Christian worldview implications for Tim and Eve to discuss.

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More Commercials – AYJW067

Tim and Eve revisit a favorite topic: commercials and how they reflect our culture and conflict with a Christian worldview.

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Sully (2016) – AYJW066

Is the movie Sully about a real life hero and a miraculous event? Eve and Tim discuss this factual movie from a Christian worldview.

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Rogue One – AYJW065

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story contains multiple testimonies to rebellion. Eve and Tim discuss what drives us to rebel and disagree on how that applies to Christians.

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