Captain Marvel – AYJW090

An artificial god, government control through indoctrination, an unjust war, and belief in an afterlife . . . all this and more in our discussion on Captain Marvel.

The Defenders – AYJW073

Netflix unites its Marvel street heroes in The Defenders, and Eve and Tim tackle the miniseries for a fun overview on heroes and resurrection.

Doctor Strange – AYJW064

Marvel’s Doctor Strange lays a fertile ground for discussion on a variety of Christian subjects including humility, the process of sanctification, and death.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – AYJW030

The Amazing Spider-man is an action-packed fun ride for fans of the Marvel comics superhero. Eve Franklin and Chris Jones examine the morality and pseudo-science of this blockbuster from a Christian worldview.

Thor – AYJW028

Thor is clean and filled with action. It has a somewhat moral message and makes us rethink certain mythologies. But opens discussions on heaven, science and magic, redemptions, and more.

Captain America: The First Avenger – AYJW021

The all-American hero from Marvel was chosen because of his inner strength and compassion. But what does Captain America really say?