free will

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) – AYJW095

Are we in control of our destinies? Does love really conquer all? The Adjustment Bureau’s cross genre high concept science fiction chick flick somehow manages to answer both questions . . . maybe.

Divergent (2014)—AYJW042

Divergent is an interesting young-adult adaptation with a surprisingly biblical hidden theme.

Brave (2012), fate and destiny – AYJW031

Brave is a great family movie that raises questions of fate and destiny. We share a biblical perspective with the challenging questions of predestination.

Dollhouse, Part 2 – AYJW011

In this, our second half of the discussion on Dollhouse, we discuss if a Christian can be an active, and if an active could be saved and become a Christian. You don’t want to miss this controversial topic!