Commercials – AYJW058

Commercials influence our thinking in unique ways. Tim and Eve explore this from a Christian worldview.

Risen – AYJW057

Risen is an important declaration of the life changing truth of the resurrection of Christ as seen through the eyes of an unbeliever.

The 33 (2015) – AYJW053

The 33 is the inspirational true story about 33 miners rescued from a mine collapse in Chile, demonstrating faith, hope, and perseverance in real life drama.

War Room – AYJW052

War Room has obvious Christian themes that baffle secular reviewers. Tim and Eve explore the discrepancy between critic and viewer ratings.


We were unable to record an episode in September due to a medical emergency and would value your prayers for Tim’s family.

Inside Out (2015) – AYJW050

Inside Out is a fun and emotional ride through an adolescent’s emotions. Tim and Eve explore this emotional POV from a biblical worldview.

Tomorrowland (2015) – AYJW049

Tomorrowland mixes modern day fears of apocalyptic destruction with yesteryear’s excessively optimistic view of the future.